Heartbreak House, American Players Theatre


“Phoebe González is spending her first summer with American Players Theatre and she may well have the makings of a future star… She stands her ground in a cast of some of the best actors in the world.”
- Channel3000.com

“Ellie, played with a thousand expressions of dismay, exasperation and determination by the marvelous Chicago actor Phoebe González…”
- The Cap Times

“And, as the ‘straight man’, Phoebe González is logical and earnest in extreme, until she realizes she’s more comfortable in the bohemian hideaway than the ‘real’ world.”
- On Milwaukee

The Burn, Steppenwolf

“‘I feel it,’ she says, with the fine actress González expressing an underacknowledged truth.”
- The Chicago Tribune

“Phoebe González makes Mercedes all her own. As the sweet, soft-spoken new student at this school, who harbors her own tragic secrets, religion is this teenager’s refuge.”
- Chicago Theatre Review


La Havana Madrid, Teatro Vista

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.36.44 PM.png

“Teatro Vista has lined up some terrific young actor-singers including Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel, Phoebe González and Tommy Rivera-Vega.”
- The Chicago Tribune

“Phoebe González is utterly endearing as Maruja, with a beautiful voice to match.”
- Chicagoland Musical Theatre

“… talented newcomer, Phoebe González…”
- Chicago Theatre Review